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12 Oct 2023

best place to hide christmas presents

The Christmas period will be here before we know it so, whether you’ve started buying presents yet or not, it’s a good idea to get ahead of the game and map out some sneaky hiding places.

If you’re stuck for ideas as to where to hide Christmas presents this year, keep reading! We know all the best spots to stop your little ones ruining the surprise.


Best places to hide Christmas presents

Make sure no one sees any secret gifts before the big day by keeping them safely hidden where prying eyes can’t see. Here are some of our top hiding places:


In the loft / attic

Most houses will have an attic or loft that makes for super handy storage space – you probably already store the Christmas decorations up there!

Since you’ll need a loft ladder to access your attic, your children won’t be able to get up there without you knowing about it. It’s the perfect place to hide gifts from the excited little detectives.

If you don’t already have a loft ladder installed, we highly recommend getting one – especially if you plan to hide Christmas presents up there. Most of us don’t tend to buy Christmas presents in bulk so it’s likely you’ll need to get up into the loft multiple times throughout the Christmas period to hide gifts. Without a proper loft ladder, you will have to trapse back and forth to the shed to get a ladder, which can get pretty annoying. It’s also a lot less discrete.


In the shed / garage

Much like the attic, your shed is likely off limits to your little ones making it a good place to hide presents. Sheds and garages tend to store items that can be hazardous so it will be less suspicious to tell children not to go in there.

If you use your garage more regularly and your kids are often in and out getting their bikes or outdoor toys you can still use it as a hiding place - you’ll just need to be a little more creative! Sneaky hiding places could include storage bins, in the boot of your car, on high shelves, etc.


In a suitcase

Most homes will have a few empty suitcases kicking about so your children are probably used to seeing them stored in a corner of the spare room or garage. This makes them ideal hiding places.

You could even store them in the attic to be extra sure that no one will find them.


On top of the wardrobe

If you don’t have a loft or garage, the next best thing would be to store presents somewhere as out of reach as possible, such as on top of a wardrobe. Little children won’t be able to reach or even see on top of most wardrobes. That being said, we recommend disguising gifts in unmarked cardboard boxes or covered with a sheet just in case.


Wherever you decide to hide your presents this year, we hope you have a very merry Christmas!

If you do plan on using your loft as a hiding place and would like any assistance when purchasing loft ladders, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team will be happy to recommend a suitable product suited to your home.

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