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You may have seen this big banner on our homepage, that's because we're currently offering 10% off our ladders for Father's day! Ok, you might be asking yourself - what kind of dad want's a ladder for Father's day? But trust us when we say there are a lot of DIY-mad Dads out there who would love nothing more than a handy ladder to help them get re-inspired for a summer of DIY around the house!

If you're not sure which kind of ladder would make a good gift for your dad, we've written this useful guide! Remember to add FATHERSDAY10 to your basket to receive 10% off!!

For Do-It-All, DIY Dads

Some of us have dads that seem capable of just about anything. Whether it's hanging a new door, sorting out the roof tiles or painting the entire house - they're happy to try their hand at anything and get stuck in! These pro-active dads of ours need tools and equipment that's versatile & long-lasting. That's why we're recommending our combination ladders for do-it-all, DIY dads! This LFI Home Combination Ladder is a great choice, it's made of lightweight, sturdy aluminium and can be used in three different configurations.

combination ladders

With one of these in the garage, Dad will have no issues doing odd jobs around the house. Combination ladders can even be propped up on the stairs, providing a sturdy platform for Dad to change light bulbs or redecorate the hallway! In summer, he can set his ladder up on uneven ground and easily trim the hedges and do the gardening. These really are the best all-around ladders if you're ready to buy your Dad a DIY upgrade.

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For Dads Who Want A Man Cave

Has your dad always spoken about making a man cave in the house? Well, perhaps we could help make his dream become a reality with one of our wooden staircases! These are perfect for creating a loft conversion and making use of all that additional space. Not only will this be a fun project for Dad to complete (perhaps with a little help from you), but it will also give him that cosy, quiet space he's always wanted. Take a look at this loft stair kit from Dolle:

Dolle Loft Ladder

Made of hard-wearing timber wood, this loft staircase will take Dad up into his new man cave safely and comfortably. Better yet, he can choose to paint it any colour he wants to bring the whole project design together. If this sounds like something your dad would enjoy, consider ordering one of our loft staircases and get the ball rolling. Remember to apply FATHERSDAY10 for your special Father's day discount.

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Other Ladders for Dad...

If none of these ladders sounds right for your dad, don't worry, we have plenty of others on offer. Extension ladders, step ladders or even gardening ladders can be bought using our Father's day discount code - FATHERSDAY10. This special deal will only be available for a limited time, so if you're thinking about giving your DIY-Mad dad a unique and practical gift, don't wait around! 

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If you have any questions, or if you'd like to chat with a member of the Ladders UK Direct team, you can drop us an email at Remember, our Father's day deal is only on for a limited time, and even if you're not shopping for Dad, you can still get 10% off all our ladders using the code FATHERSDAY10.