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20 Jun 2024

 conservatory ladder

Cleaning your conservatory can be a real pain, a task often put off by homeowners. But let’s face it, a dirty conservatory is a real eyesore!

Fortunately, with the right tools and approach, the job can be tackled with ease. In this guide, we explain step by step how to clean a conservatory and the essential tools needed to get your conservatory looking brand new again.


Step 1: Set up your ladder

Your average conservatory will not be able to support weight or be walked on so it’s best to use a conservatory ladder that’s specially designed for conservatory maintenance jobs.

Using a standard ladder could put your safety at risk and do damage to your conservatory’s fragile glass exterior. To set it up, the main leaning ladder should be secured with a glazing suction pad and webbing strap. Then, the top section can be fitted with a metre-long plastic-coated cross-bearer to bridge glazing bars.


Step 2: Remove loose debris with a soft brush

When cleaning the glass sections of your roof, use a soft brush to avoid scuffing or chipping. Loose debris like leaves and moss should come away easily after a few sweeps of a broom.


Step 3: Wash away stubborn dirt

If you find your conservatory is still looking grubby, you can wash away any remaining dirt using a non-abrasive sponge or cloth and some warm soapy water.

If you’re dealing with stubborn green algae, mix an algae remover solution with water and apply it with a brush. Then, use your sponge to gently scrub the affected areas.


Step 4: Spray with clean water

Once you’re happy that all loose debris, dirt and algae have been removed, give your conservatory a final rinse with the hose. This will ensure any hard-to-reach areas also get a good clean while removing any soapy residue, leaving your conservatory sparkling clean!


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