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11 Feb 2021

window cleaning

Are you thinking about starting your own window cleaning company? If the answer is yes, you're in the right place! Today we're going to answer the question "can window cleaners use ladders?" so that you know whether you should purchase your very own set before you get started. 

Window cleaning ladders and the law

If you're working at height, there are a set of rules, guidelines, and regulations that you have to follow that are set out by the Health and Safety Executive (or HSE). Their overarching message is that working from height should be avoided wherever possible. Equipment like water fed poles can be used from the ground to clean hard-to-reach windows, but there are also some flaws with this method. 

  • There might not be a suitable water source for the equipment at every house/location
  • The water-fed pole may not be long enough to reach the windows you need to clean
  • The quality of work might be lower because you can't see the dirt on the windows up-close

In some scenarios, cleaning windows on a ladder is the best option. Here's what the HSE advises if you do need to clean windows at height:

"Where window cleaning at height cannot be avoided, you must first consider using an existing place of work that is already safe for example, cleaning from inside windows or from a balcony.

If you cannot find an existing safe place, to work from, you must provide suitable access equipment. Where the risk of falling is not eliminated by either of these means, you must take additional measures to minimise the distance and consequences of any fall by using the right type of fall arrest equipment."

So, yes - window cleaners can use ladders to reach windows on the second or third storey, but it's important that you invest in good-quality equipment and work as safely as you possibly can. That's where we come in!

Best ladder for cleaning windows

At Ladders UK Direct, we offer a wide range of ladders that are perfect for window cleaning. From sturdy single-section ladders to versatile combination ladders - we have it all! Here are some of our top picks if you're looking for the best ladder for cleaning windows.

domestic double extension ladder

Domestic Double Extension Ladder

If you're only planning to do window cleaning jobs around your own home, this Domestic Double Extension Ladder is ideal!

It's made of lightweight aluminium, can carry loads up to 150kg and meets the new improved strength and slip tests. While this ladder can't be used by professional window cleaners, it certainly is a great option for homeowners who want their windows to sparkle.


LFI super trade plus triple extension ladder

LFI Super-Trade PLUS Triple Extension Ladder

For those of you looking to clean windows professionally, this Triple Extension Ladder from LFI is an excellent choice. This ladder comes in a range of lengths from 4 metres to 10 metres, so you'll have no problem reaching the windows on the tallest of buildings. 

It's certified for trade use, features comfortable 'D' shaped rungs and secure non-slip grip with PVC feet. For added slip protection, you should take a look at our ladder pads and our ladder mats

zarges combi-master

Zarges Combi-Master DX

If you're looking for a great all-round ladder that you can use for cleaning windows - even without a supporting wall, then the Zarges Combi-Master DX is the ladder for you. 

This innovative combination ladder can be used as a two-section push-up ladder or a ladder with double-sided access. It features high-strength Perlon straps and sturdy triangular rungs which made it comfortable to work on.

With this combination ladder in your arsenal, there'll be very few windows that you cannot reach. 

If none of these ladders looks like the right window cleaning solution for you - take a look at our full range of window cleaning ladders by clicking the button below. As always, you can email us at if you have any questions.

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