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16 Oct 2020

extension ladders

Estimates show that around 48,000 people attend A&E every year due to an avoidable accident on a ladder. People often cut corners and use their ladders improperly which is why so many accidents occur. Today we're going to talk you through the proper way to secure an extension ladder so that you can reduce your chances of a fall or injury.

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Get to know your extension ladder

Extension ladders come in lots of different lengths, brands and materials, so it's important you spend some time familiarising yourself with YOUR ladder. Take a close look at the safety shoes at the bottom of your extension ladder, these are the parts that will make contact with the ground and secure your extension ladder in place, so it's important that you can see how they work.

Most extension ladders have safety feet which can swivel so that their entire surface area makes contact with the floor. The benefit of this type of safety feet is that they can be swivelled vertically and dug into the ground which makes it possible for you to work on soft lawns.

Other things you should familiarise yourself with are:

  • The fly section
  • The rung lock & how to operate it
  • The rope and pulley (if your ladder features this)
  • The max load your extension ladder can support

Raising and lowering extension ladder rails safely

Before you use any kind of ladder, you should always carry out a thorough inspection and risk assessment. If you notice any damage, you should not use your ladder!

Move the extension ladder to the desired place and then start to extend it. Next, open the ladder and use the rung locks to secure it at the right height, this should secure the ladder and prevent the different sections from moving as you climb.

Lower the ladder against the supporting wall and make sure the top of the ladder has made good contact. If one edge appears to be raised or twisted, you should reposition the ladder again. Once you're happy that the ladder is secure against the building, you can begin to climb!

ladder accessories

How can I make my extension ladder extra secure?

Here at Ladders UK Direct, we offer a range of ladder accessories that you can use to make your extension ladder more secure. Above you can see our ladder stay and our ladder mat, both of which are designed to offer better extension ladder security.

The ladder stay keeps your ladder 300mm away from the solid surface you're leaning on and can help secure your extension ladder against the wall. The ladder mat with rubber nodules can be placed underneath the feet of your ladder to increase friction and reduce the chance of a slip or fall.

If you have any questions about our extension ladders, our ladder accessories or the safe use of ladders. Don't hesitate to drop us an email. An experienced member of our team will get back to your enquiry promptly -