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People up and down the country have been robbed of their holiday abroad this year, but COVID-19 shouldn't stop you having a nice time here in the UK. There's plenty of opportunities to go out in your caravan or camper and enjoy what's left of our British summer! Whether you've got a van that you've converted yourself or a static caravan at one of our many beautiful seasides, you can't beat taking a trip to a home away from home.

One thing that people never think about prior to their holiday is whether or not they need a ladder for their caravan. We know what you're thinking... when on earth would I need a ladder in my caravan? Well, let us explain.

Handy Hop Up For Children

One of the great joys of having a caravan is taking the kids (or grandkids) away for a few days. With little legs, the youngsters might struggle to reach the sink, the light switches or the cupboards. This can be a real pain, especially if you don't want to be getting up and down every five minutes to assist them. Having a handy set of steps around can give the kids some freedom while taking some of the responsibility out of your hands.

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Some vans have a mezzanine level beds that can be pretty tricky to reach if you're 5 years old! If you don't have a permanent ladder because it will get in the way of the living space, then a moveable set of steps or a telescopic ladder that can be easily folded away might be the best option. 

Adding an Awning

Extending your living space in a caravan is fairly easy - just add an awning! Of course, if you're not quite tall enough to reach, or if you're losing mobility due to old age, then fixing your awning to the side of the caravan might be an impossible challenge. Don't worry, a folding step ladder with nice large treads will provide the stability needed to reach the awning attachments with ease. 

Platform step ladder

Something like this LFI Pro Wide Step Ladders is a great choice for caravans. It has a safety chain to keep the user secure, it has deep 80mm non-slip treads, an extra-large work platform and handy wheels so it can be moved around the caravan easily! Available in a range of heights to suit your exact needs.

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Getting on the roof

Most modern caravans come with a ladder that allows you to access the roof, but some (including self-built vans) generally don't. While getting on the roof might not be essential for you, it can be useful if you decide to add a roof rack for extra storage, or if you want to get on top of the van and stargaze while you're on a weekend away! Having a ladder that you can stow away and use when needed is very handy, particularly in caravans. We have a whole host of lightweight, compact ladders that you can choose from.

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Hopefully, this guide to caravan ladders will enable you to make the most of your holiday this summer/autumn. As always, drop us an email if you'd like any more advice about our caravan ladders