The foot of a ladder

When you're standing on a ladder, it's reassuring to know that it's made from sturdy, high-quality materials that are strong enough to support your weight.

Of course, ladders can be manufactured using a wide variety of materials - traditional wooden ladders remain a somewhat common sight. But most of the ladders we sell here at Ladders UK Direct are made of either aluminium or fibreglass.


Aluminium Ladders

Aluminium has a superb strength-to-weight ratio. What this means is that aluminium ladders are very sturdy, but they're also lightweight and easy to move around.

Furthermore, aluminium is a more cost-effective choice than some other materials, and it doesn't really require any maintenance (whereas a timber ladder must be properly maintained to keep it safe to use).

The one big downside of aluminium is that it's a good conductor - so it's not safe to use an aluminium ladder while working on power lines or carrying out electrical installations.


Fibreglass Ladders

Fibreglass ladders (also known as glass fibre ladders) are heavier and more expensive than aluminium ladders, but they have one key advantage: they're not conductive. This means that fibreglass ladders are ideal for electrical work.

Also, while that extra weight may make your fibreglass ladder slightly harder to transport than an aluminium ladder of the same size, it may also help you to feel a bit more secure when you're on the ladder.

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