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11 Mar 2021

what does a ladder safety course involve? person stood on white folding platform step ladder

If you regularly use ladders and/or step ladders as part of your daily job, it's important that you are up to speed on how to use them safely. If not, you run the risk of causing a serious accident not just for yourself but potentially for anyone who is working with you or around you whilst you are working. 

To ensure you are fully aware of the risks involved whilst using a ladder and you know how to minimise these risks for your and others safety, various ladder safety courses exists that teaches you the safe use of ladders. 

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What you'll learn during a ladder safety course 

As a result of taking and completing a ladder safety course, you will learn various aspects of ladder safety. This involves understanding how to set them up and use them in a way that reduces the likelihood of an accident occurring as well as other important issues. This includes:

  • Learning why ladders safety is important and the risks and responsibilities of the ladder user 
  • Understanding the legalities surrounding ladders and the specific legislation that has been introduced over the years
  • Knowing how to conduct a relevant risk assessment that identifies potential hazards, deciding on precautions and implementing controls
  • Learning how to carry out inspection and maintenance checks as well as proper and safe storage 
  • Understanding how to ascend and descend properly as learning which PPE to use whilst on a ladder


Who is a ladder safety course intended for?

As we mentioned above, a ladder safety course is for anyone who regularly works with ladders and/or step ladders in their job role. It is suitable for workers at all levels, regardless of experience as it provides an introduction to ladder safety. As a result, no prerequisites are required. 

Some job roles that involve working at height may require workers to complete a ladder safety course before starting the job. 


How are you assessed?

Once you have studied the contents of the ladder safety course, you will then need to be assessed on what you have learned. 

This will often be through a multiple-choice exam requiring a particular percentage in order to pass. Results are given instantly so you will know there and then whether you have passed or failed. If you fail, there's no need to panic as you will be able to retake the test at no extra costs.  


What do you get when you pass a ladder safety course?

On successful completion of a ladder safety course, you will obtain a quality assured certificate in the post that can be used as evidence for compliance and audit checks. 

The certificate that you receive will have no expectation date but you may be required to renew your training on a three-year basis, which is best practice within the industry.


So, if you're considering taking a ladder safety course and wondering what they consist of and what you will get out of it, we hope that this blog has helped to make things a little clearer. 

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