why you need a loft ladder for the christmas period

We're officially in November, which can only mean one thing - we're all starting to think about Christmas! Here at Ladders UK Direct, we know that loft ladders see the most use during the festive period. If you don't already have a loft ladder installed in your home, now is the perfect time to think about adding one. There are lots of reasons why a loft ladder is a handy addition to your home at this time of year, let us walk you through it...

Attics are the perfect place to hide gifts

We all know that there can be a bit of a waiting period between the time you purchase gifts and the time they get sent off to Santa and his elves. This is a particularly vital period of time if you want to keep the spirit of Christmas alive. If you have little ones that are old enough to understand there 'might' be presents in the house, they're probably going to go looking at some point. Now some of you might think that the back of the cupboard, under the bed or behind the sofa is a suitable hiding place, but trust us when we say - the kids know about these hiding places and they will probably look there first!

If you want a foolproof hiding place for your Christmas stash, we highly recommend utilising your attic. Chances are, your little ones aren't capable of getting into the attic themselves, and if they try, you're more than likely going to catch them in the act. So, if you haven't already got a loft ladder, we highly recommend considering it. It might just keep the spirit of Christmas alive for a few more years. 

Someone's got to get the tree out of the attic

Lots of people choose an artificial tree over a real one, and it makes sense... Why would you go to the effort of choosing a tree, transporting it home and clearing up 1000 pine needles every year when you could buy one tree from B&Q and be done with it? Most people put their tree up during the first week of December and take it down after the new year (although we all know some people who are planning to put the decorations up this weekend!) Either way, the tree doesn't stay up for long, so it's likely that it spends most of its life tucked away in the attic with a box full of baubles. 

Every year, someone has to take the reigns and climb into the attic to retrieve the tree (and to put it back again shortly after). It might be you, it might be your partner, whoever it is - they're going to have a much easier time manoeuvring it around if there's a suitable loft ladder in place. 

Making space for guests is much easier

COVID-19 certainly threw a spanner in the Christmas works for us last year, with many people spending Christmas alone in their homes. This year, however, it looks like we might be able to get together in a big festive family-style once again! If you're hosting the Christmas gathering this year, you might already be thinking about sleeping arrangements. That spare room you've been using as a temporary office all year has to go. You can't make granny sleep under your desk, can you?!

Shifting furniture from one room to another is one thing, but making enough space for everyone might be a bit of a challenge. If you want to clear things out of the way, you might need to make use of the attic for storage. With a sturdy loft ladder to work with, you can shove all kinds of furniture out of sight with ease, leaving plenty of space for you and your guest to crash after the Christmas pudding.

If you don't already have a loft ladder in your home, now is the perfect time to purchase one. We have a huge variety of loft ladders for you to choose from including aluminium loft ladders, wooden loft ladders and loft staircases. Shop the entire range below.

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