saving money on your energy bills

We're all feeling the squeeze at the minute as gas end electricity prices are set to increase across the board. Some people have even reported that their energy bills for this month are almost double that of previous months! It's a worrying outlook for people, especially those on below-average incomes, but all hope is not lost! There are things you can do to save money on your gas and electricity bills.


diy jobs to do in the summer holidays

Having a bit of spare time at home during the summer holidays presents a great opportunity to crack on with some DIY. There are only a few weeks left, so if you're planning to dust off your drills and dust sheets, we'd recommend making a start ASAP! Here are a few DIY jobs that you can tackle during the summer holiday - before the weather becomes cold & bleak again!


For some, the winter months are the best time of the year. Dark nights, cosy settings and hot chocolate in front of the TV all make for a very festive feeling. However, with the cold, wet and potentially snowy weather comes a host of issues not just for your daily lives but for your property as well. 

To avoid any unnecessary issues that can ruin your winter, Ladders UK Direct have summarised the most important things you can do to prepare your home for the winter! Read on to find more.


Feet standing on a chair

If you need to change a light bulb or get something down from a high shelf, you might be tempted to just grab the nearest chair and stand on top of it in order to reach the required height.

But chairs and stools are designed to be sat on, not stood on. Even a sturdy-looking chair may not be stable enough to serve as a safe height access solution.


With the UK on lockdown and a large portion of the country's workforce currently furloughed, you may have a lot of free time on your hands right now.

On Monday 23 March, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged us to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) by staying at home and only going out for the following reasons:

  • Medical needs
  • Shopping for essentials
  • Exercising once a day
  • Work (but only if you can't work from home)

Those rules have been in place for a couple of weeks now, and unsurprisingly, many housebound Brits have been turning to DIY to keep themselves busy.

Man painting house with ladder in the background

Photo by Tafe Sa Tonsley

But it's one thing to reupholster an old armchair or try your hand at upcycling - jobs like those are easy to complete without going outside. What if you want to paint your house? Is that allowed under the current COVID-19 rules?