saving money on your energy bills

We're all feeling the squeeze at the minute as gas end electricity prices are set to increase across the board. Some people have even reported that their energy bills for this month are almost double that of previous months! It's a worrying outlook for people, especially those on below-average incomes, but all hope is not lost! There are things you can do to save money on your gas and electricity bills.


Switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs

switch to LED bulbs

According to the Energy Saving Trust, lighting makes up 11% of the average electricity bill. That's a pretty hefty percentage when you think about it! Did you know that switching all of the traditional halogen bulbs in your home for energy-efficient LEDs could save you over £30 each year

This all might seem like a small drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things, but every penny counts! LED bulbs are not only better for your wallet, but they're better for the environment too. Switching to LED bulbs could reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40kg a year. That's the same amount of carbon dioxide that's pumped into the atmosphere when you drive your car for around 145 miles.

If you want to change the lightbulbs in your home, we'd recommend using a fibreglass step ladder that will protect you from accidental electrocution. It's advised that you turn the lights off at the wall a few minutes before you plan to switch the bulbs over. This will stop you from being electrocuted and will also ensure that the bulb is cool, so you don't burn your hand. 


Install solar panels on your roof

install solar panels on roof

For those of you that want to invest in your home in order to save money in the long-run, solar panels are an excellent option. According to MoneySavingExpert, installing solar panels on your home could help you save between £165 and £405 on your energy bills! One of the things that puts people off having solar panels installed is the staggering upfront costs. The average solar panel system costs £6500 to buy and install.

A great way to minimise these costs is to source and install the solar panels yourself. Of course, we only recommend doing this if you're confident in working on the roof, or if you have a qualified person who can oversee the project. If you do want to give a DIY solar panel system a go, we recommend taking a look at our roof ladders. These are designed to keep you secure while you work at height. 


Improve your loft insulation

installing loft insulation

If you want your home to conserve more energy, you should consider improving the loft insulation. If you think back to your high school science lessons, you might remember that hot air rises. This means that homes with poor loft insulation lose a lot of heat through the roof! According to The Loft Boys, installing effective loft insulation could slash your heating bills by up to £250 per year. 

While loft insulation is fairly easy to install yourself, you'll struggle to get the job done if you don't have suitable loft access. We'd recommend installing one of our wooden or aluminium loft ladders to make the whole operation much easier! Once the ladder is in place, you should have no trouble lifting the new insulation into the attic. Again, it might be worth getting a professional on board if you're unsure about anything. 


Hang thicker curtains in your house

hanging curtains in house

Our final tip if you want to save money on your gas and electricity bills is to hang thicker curtains. Creating a thicker barrier between your home and the windows will help ensure that all of the warm air in your home isn't lost to the outside. While double glazed windows are far superior to single glazed, they're not 100% effective at retaining heat. Adding a heavy pair of curtains and drawing them at dusk could help to reduce heat loss by 15 - 17%.

Hanging new curtains on your own isn't the easiest feat, especially since curtain rails are often out-of-reach. A simple step stool should provide the height you need to get the job done. Once your new curtains are hung, you should see instant results!

So there you have it, a few tips to help you save money on your gas and electricity bills. If you plan to undertake any other DIY jobs to help reduce your energy bills in the coming months, we have a huge range of ladders that can assist you. Shop our full range of ladders below.

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