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17 Aug 2021

diy jobs to do in the summer holidays

Having a bit of spare time at home during the summer holidays presents a great opportunity to crack on with some DIY. There are only a few weeks left, so if you're planning to dust off your drills and dust sheets, we'd recommend making a start ASAP! Here are a few DIY jobs that you can tackle during the summer holiday - before the weather becomes cold & bleak again!

Painting and decorating

Whether you're keen to give the outside of your house a fresh new look, or simply clean up grubby interior walls, painting and decorating is a great activity to do over the summer holidays. If you've got teenagers lounging around the house, you can load them up with a roller and set them to work too. Painting and decorating is one of those DIY activities that the whole family can get involved in.

professional platform step ladders with handrails

If you struggle to reach the top corners of your rooms, we'd recommend one of our hop-ups or platform step ladders. These are designed to give you plenty of space to put your paint cans, paint brushes and cups of tea down - all while working comfortably at height. The Professional Platform Step Ladders with Handrails you see here are perfect for painting and decorating and the handrails provide added stability while you work.

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Alternatively, if you're tackling the outside of your house, you might want to invest in an extension ladder or DIY scaffold tower to keep you safe while you tackle the second or third storeys of your house.

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Garden clearance

Over the warm months, our gardens have a tendency to go a bit wild! If you can find the time to cut your hedges and prune your trees during the summer holiday, we'd recommend doing it. This will help keep your garden clear during autumn and winter because there'll be fewer leaves falling on the ground.

It's also a great opportunity for you to harvest any fruits that have grown during the summer period. No doubt, your apple and cherry trees are bustling with fruit that's ready to be eaten. If you can get hold of them before the birds do, you'll be in for a real treat.

multi purpose aluminium ladder

Our multi-purpose ladders are ideal for working outdoors because they can be used on uneven ground. We find that our multi-purpose ladders are great all-rounders for DIY-ers because they can be used in place of lots of different ladders, all you have to do is choose the configuration that suits the task at hand.

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Other DIY Jobs to Do in the Summer Holidays:

  • Lay decking in the garden
  • Deep clean the kitchen
  • Sand and re-paint your tables
  • Put up photographs and shelving
  • Upgrade your bathroom
  • Create a BBQ area
  • Declutter the attic

Here at Ladders UK Direct, we believe everyone can do DIY with the right tools and equipment. Be sure to check out more of our DIY ladders, or give us a call on 01446 789538 if you're unsure which of our ladders is the best choice for the job at hand.