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16 Mar 2023

DIY jobs for spring

After what feels like a very long and cold winter - spring is finally coming! This is such an exciting time of the year when you can start planning family BBQs and making the most of the lighter, warmer nights. That being said, you might have let your house go a little over the winter months - don't worry, we all do it! If your home is in need of a bit of TLC ahead of the spring/summer months, don't worry, we're going to walk you through some of the DIY jobs you can do around your home to give it a new lease of life.

Fix fence panels

Garden fence panels are sadly not designed to last forever. You'll notice that over time, your fence panels can become damaged and riddled with moss. They're out in the elements 24/7 and they're usually made of fairly low-quality wood, which means they're prone to all kinds of issues. If your fence is starting to look a little worse for wear, we'd recommend giving them a good clean with a hosepipe or pressure washer. This will remove any surface debris and reveal the wood underneath. At this point, you should take some time to patch up any holes or damage that you can see. This might involve adding some additional slats over damaged areas, or if the damage is really bad, replacing entire fence panels to make the whole thing structurally stable again. Once you've made all the necessary repairs, you can give your fence a lick of paint or sealant. Acrylic or latex paint provides a good moisture barrier and can help to protect your fence from rain and other water sources (eg. sprinklers). It'll also make the colour across the entire fence much more uniform!

Paint rooms

Some homeowners think that once they've picked a colour for a room and applied a coat of paint, that the room will look great forever! Sadly, if you have pets or children, you're bound to see dirt and stains on your walls at some point. If you've been clever and picked a washable/wipeable paint, you should start by cleaning the walls as best you can. If you've got stubborn stains that won't come off easily, this can be easily remedied with a lick of paint. Chances are, you probably have half a can of paint left over in the garage from the first time you did it.

professional platform step ladder

If you're someone who struggles to reach the corners of rooms and the edges near the ceiling, you'll probably need to use a ladder. Here at Ladders UK Direct, we offer a wide range of domestic ladders that will help you get the job done easily. The best type of ladder for painting rooms is likely to be our platform step ladders. These are designed with a sturdy platform at the top, so you can rest your paint can, brushes and cups of tea as you work. We offer platform ladders in a range of sizes, so whether you have relatively low or high ceilings, we'll be able to provide you with something to get the job done! Above you can see our best selling Professional Platform Step Ladder with Handrail, that's designed to offer excellent stability while you work. Ideal if you're going to be painting for a few hours!

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Check your roof

When we have periods of snow, storms, or heavy rain, your roof can become damaged. Most homes were built 20 or 30 years ago (maybe even longer), so if you (or the previous owners) have not kept up to your roof maintenance over that period, then there's likely to be signs of general wear and tear that need seeing to. Now, we don't recommend that you start climbing onto your roof if you have no prior experience or the equipment necessary to do it safely. However, if you're a competent person who's capable of carrying out a roof check, then we have just the thing for you - a roof ladder!

lyte double section roof ladder

Here you can see our best-selling roof ladder, the Lyte Double Section Roof Ladder. This is a lightweight roof ladder that comes equipt with a heavy duty ridge hook for stability and rubber covered cylindrical bearer bars that evenly distrbute your weight across the roof. This is the perfect roof ladder for carrying out a roof inspection before spring rolls around.

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Clear gutters

During autumn, the leaves fall from the trees and gather in all kinds of places. You've probably spent hours raking them off the lawn, so you know when they fall, they fall in large quantities! If you have trees planted close to your house, it's likely that some of the falling leaves have gathered in your gutters. As we move into spring, you might expect that the leaves will rot away in their own time, but this isn't always the case. As water and debris builds up on top of the leaves, they can break down into a thick sludge that creates a serious blockage in your gutters. If you don't clear this blockage, you'll probably find that your gutters start overflowing when it rains, as the water can't escape down into the drains as it usually would.

LFI Super Trade Plus Triple Extension Ladder

Accessin the gutters is not that easy unless you have a suitable ladder to hand. Luckily, here at Ladders UK Direct, we have an incredible selection of extension ladders for both domestic and professional use. If you're looking for a really reliable, sturdy extension ladder, we'd highly recommend trying our Super Trade Plus Triple Extension Ladder (pictured above). This extension ladder will give you more than enough height to reach and clear your gutters, so your gutters won't overflow as you move into spring. 

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These are just a few DIY jobs you can do for spring to help you get your house back in tip-top condition. If you have any concerns about using the ladders we've described in this blog, be sure to seek the help of a trained professional. If you're not sure which ladder you need for a particular DIY job, contact the Ladders UK Direct team and we'll help you choose.

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