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15 Mar 2024

Fully extended telescopic ladder

In recent years, several reports have surfaced that claim a concerning number of telescopic ladders sold online don’t meet the minimum safety requirements.

As ladder specialists, safety is incredibly important to us here at Ladders UK Direct. That’s why we’ve written this guide on the topic of telescopic ladder safety so you can be sure that the equipment you buy is up to standard and safe to use.


14 Mar 2024

Person climbing a sliding ladder to acces the loft

Most UK homes have some kind of loft space. Some of us just store things like Christmas decorations and old clothes up there, but it’s becoming increasingly common to convert your attic space into a fully functioning room.

Whatever you use your loft for, it’s important that you can safely access it – we recommend installing a loft ladder for this. There are two main types of loft ladders: sliding loft ladders and concertina loft ladders. But how do they work? Keep reading to find out.


07 Mar 2024

Are second-hand ladders safe?

You might be tempted to save yourself a few pounds by purchasing a second-hand ladder over a brand new one. But you must be careful because used ladders could be unreliable and unsafe.


29 Feb 2024

telescopic ladder vs extension ladder

Need an extending ladder but can’t decide between a telescopic ladder and an extension ladder? Keep reading – this guide looks at the pros and cons of both options.


16 Feb 2024

How to use a telescopic ladder

How to use a telescopic ladder safely

Telescopic ladders are perfectly safe to use as long as you follow the safety guidelines that apply to all leaning ladders. Check out our How to Climb a Ladder Safely guide for advice.

It is also crucial that you work on a level surface, i.e. a clean and flat floor. Never erect your telescopic ladder on an uneven floor as this could cause it to tip over. You should also never stand your ladder on something else to achieve additional height.