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13 Jun 2024

Triple extension ladder

Unlike standard single section ladders and step ladders, an extension ladder can be adjusted to reach different heights. It’s a super handy tool that can be used to tackle various jobs in and around the home, from painting walls to cleaning gutters.

If you’re using an extension ladder for the first time, it’s important to understand how to safely extend it for use and collapse it for storage. Failing to complete these steps properly could cause serious harm to you and those around you.

This guide will walk you through the process step by step so that you can use your extension ladder with confidence and avoid any accidents.


How to Extend an Extension Ladder

This will depend on the type of extension ladder you’re using. Most feature either two sections or three sections.


Two section extension ladders

Double extension ladders will consist of two parts:

  • Base section — the non-extendable part that rests on the ground.

  • Fly section (upper section) — the movable part that slides up and down the base section to adjust the ladder’s height.


Here’s how to extend a double extension ladder…

Step 1: Lay the ladder flat on hard, stable ground with the upper section facing up.

Step 2: Locate the two locking clamps on the bottom rung of the upper section and press down to release them.

Step 3: Slide the fly section up until you reach your desired ladder length. Then, make sure that the catches of the locking clamps clip over the rung of the base section to secure the upper section in place.

Step 4: Lift the ladder off the ground and carefully position it against a stable and secure surface, making sure that the upper section is facing out from the wall. You should also ensure that you follow the 1 in 4 rule (1 unit out for every 4 units up) when positioning your extension ladder.


Three section extension ladders

Triple extension ladders feature three parts:

  • Base section — the part of the ladder that rests on the ground and cannot be extended.

  • Middle section — the inner moving part of the ladder.

  • Upper section — the outer moving part of the ladder.


Here’s how to erect a triple extension ladder…

Setting up an extension ladder with three sections works in the same way as one with two sections — you just need to make sure that you extend the upper section first, followed by the middle section.

If your extension ladder is rope operated then you’ll just need to pull the rope towards you until both sliding sections reach the desired length.

Using the locking mechanisms, clip the rung locks into place to secure the moving sections to the base section. Then, when you’re ready to position your ladder against the wall, follow step 4 above.


How to Collapse an Extension Ladder

To retract your extension ladder, simply release the locking mechanisms and carefully lower the sliding section(s). Once the ladder is fully collapsed, clip the clamps back over the base section to secure it in place. Your ladder is now compact enough to store with ease!

You can find lots more ladder safety guidance here on the Ladders UK Direct blog! Click the links below to read more, or browse the extension ladders available on our website.

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