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21 Nov 2022

are telescopic ladders any good

When used properly, telescopic ladders are perfectly safe to use, particularly for DIY jobs like painting walls and ceilings, cleaning windows and gutters, etc. To use a telescopic ladder safely, follow these simple rules:

  • Always use on a sturdy, level surface
  • Never over-reach
  • Follow maximum weight capacity guidelines
  • Distribute your weight evenly
  • Ensure the ladder is fully extended to the desired height and locked in place
  • Never adjust the height while in use


If you're in the market for a new ladder, you might be wondering how good telescopic ladders are. At face value, these streamlined and versatile ladders look like they could be the perfect solution to all of your problems, but they're not always the best option. Today we're going to take a look at the circumstances when a telescopic ladder might be beneficial, as well as some of the scenarios in which a more traditional step or extension ladder would be better suited to the job. So, if you've been wondering whether telescopic ladders are any good, just keep reading...


What are the benefits of a telescopic ladder?

Telescopic ladders are designed with flexibility in mind. They boast a very compact design, with an impressive reach for their small storage size, which makes them ideal for people with limited storage space.

In addition, telescopic ladders are often made of a lightweight material such as aluminium, which makes them easy to throw in the back of a car or a van. This means that telescopic ladders can be a great option for traveling tradespeople who need different access options at different locations. When you're setting up your telescopic ladder, you can also choose a ladder length that best suits the task at hand. This versatility makes telescopic ladders appealing to all types of tradespeople and DIY-ers.

Being commonly made of aluminium, telescopic ladders are also highly resistant to corrosion and rust, meaning they can stay in your equipment arsenal for a very long time. 

Key takeaways:

  • Compact design
  • Impressive reach
  • Lightweight material
  • Adjustable length
  • Long-lasting


When would I use a telescopic ladder?

So now you know what the benefits of a telescopic ladder are, let's take a look at some scenarios where you might use one. First, let's start by saying that telescopic ladders are very adaptable, so you might find they can be used to complete a number of jobs that we haven't mentioned here. We just want to give you a flavour of some of the most common jobs that telescopic ladders are used for so you can decide whether or not they're the right height access solution for you. 


Painting walls and ceilings

Telescopic ladders can come in really handy when you're completing renovation works on a house. Their lightweight & adjustable nature means that you can easily manoeuvre them around to access those hard-to-reach areas. Telescopic ladders are fine if you're only planning to paint for a relatively short period of time, however, if you want a ladder with enough space to hold your tin of paint, brushes, and a cup of tea, we'd actually recommend you go for one of our platform step ladders. These will provide you with a large and comfortable workspace - that a telescopic ladder cannot offer.


Cleaning windows and gutters

When you take your telescopic ladder outside, you can use it to complete a wide range of home maintenance tasks including cleaning the windows and gutters. We always recommend leaning your telescopic ladder on a solid surface, as well as ensuring it's stood on stable ground. If you find that a telescopic ladder isn't quite long enough to reach the second or third storey of your home, then we'd recommend switching it out for an extension ladder. These ladders (also often made from aluminium) are a great alternative.

Other jobs that can be completed with a telescopic ladder include:

  • Hanging photo frames
  • Cleaning on top of cupboards
  • Putting things up in the loft

As you can see, telescopic ladders are good if you want to complete a wide variety of tasks, but there are some other types of ladders that can be just as good (if not better) when a telescopic ladder doesn't quite cut it! Shop our range of telescopic ladders below.

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If you're ever unsure about the right type of ladder for a task, we recommend looking through our extensive ladder resources. You can find a few helpful guides below.