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11 May 2023

Cheap step ladders for home use

Step ladders are extremely versatile pieces of equipment, and it's very handy to have one to use around the house. With spring in full swing, you may be thinking about carrying out a few spring cleaning tasks, or a few DIY upgrades around the house.

To do this, you'll undoubtedly need a reliable step ladder to help you get the jobs done efficiently. We all know that the cost of living is tough right now, which is why we're using this blog to tell you all about our favourite cheap step ladder for home use. 

Cheap Step Ladder for Sale


Choose Your Tread

One of the many reasons why we love this step ladder is because it comes in a variety of treads. With a maximum load of 150kg, this lightweight aluminium step ladder can be ordered with 3 to 8 treads (including the top!).

This will allow you to carry out a variety of tasks, depending on the height you require. For example, if you're looking for a ladder to help you reach higher shelves in the garage or in a cupboard, a 3 tread version of this ladder would do the job perfectly. If you're looking to clean out your gutters or paint your ceiling, an 8 tread step ladder would be better suited to the task. 

It's such a versatile ladder for a cheap price - and it will get you to the height you require for any task you'd like to do yourself!


Light Yet Robust

Aluminium is one of the best materials for a ladder. Aluminium is a lighter metal, which makes it easier to transport, and easier to manoeuvre around your home for a range of tasks. On that note, we've put together a handy guide on how to carry a step ladder.

Aluminium is also extremely durable. Did you know that an aluminium ladder has an unlimited life expectancy with the proper maintenance and storage techniques?



Whilst the initial cost may seem a bit steep for some in light of the current cost of living, you'll pretty much never have to buy another step ladder again (as long as you maintain your ladder correctly). So, in our opinion, it's pretty worth it!

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It's best to see your step ladder as an investment. Think about all the budget-saving DIY projects you could do with your ladder, and all of the jobs you'll be able to do with the help of this versatile tool. Calling someone out to help you may well become a habit of the past, and it could save you lots of money in the long run in multiple ways. 

We hope you've liked learning about our favourite cheap step ladder for home use. If you have any questions about any of our products or you'd like to speak to a member of our team, do not hesitate to get in touch by clicking the buttons below!

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