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11 Aug 2021

metal steps for garden

Building a garden across different levels is a great way to utilise space! Homeowners with small gardens will often look at expanding upwards rather than outwards because there are so many creative ways to build a multi-level garden design.

One problem people face when they're building a multi-level garden is creating suitable access points. Some people choose to create a staircase with paving slabs or bricks, but these often take a long time to install and can be incredibly costly, especially if you need to create a large staircase!

Wooden or decking staircases are also a popular choice for outdoor spaces, but these have a tendency to rot over time and become very slippery when it rains. For that reason, they're not particularly suitable for busy family gardens.

Here at Ladders UK Direct, we offer metal garden steps that boast a wide range of benefits. So, if you're looking for a great alternative to wooden or stone garden steps, just keep reading...

Gardentop Metal Outdoor Staircase with Perforated Treads

These stylish metal steps for your garden are perfect for linking different areas of your garden and can even provide access to your balcony! They're made of high-quality, hot-dipped galvanized steel that's resistant to rust, so you know they'll last despite the wet and dreary British weather. Our metal garden steps feature perforated treads that are designed to provide excellent grip, they also feature hidden screws/fixing for a smooth, seamless finish. Take a closer look at the perforated steps below...

Metal outdoor staircase

Key Features:

  • Available in a range of lengths from 2 to 12 treads
  • Available in 2 different step widths, 80 to 100cm
  • Safe treads made of hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets
  • Total load up to 200kg
  • Complies with current EU building standards (EN1991 and EN1993)
  • Can be ordered with or without a handrail

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If you have any questions about our metal garden steps, feel free to contact us. Don't forget, we also offer a wide range of DIY ladders that are perfect for doing odd jobs around your home.

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