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27 Jul 2020

Ladders can be valuable, and as such, they're a somewhat popular target for thieves. It's important to store your ladder securely if you don't want to lose it.

Ladder theft

Credit: Wellcome Images (via Wikimedia Commons)

Many people store their ladders outdoors, but that's a bad idea for several reasons - not least because it makes your ladder fairly easy to steal.

If you're keen to prevent ladder theft, follow these secure ladder storage tips to make things as difficult as possible for robbers.


Keep your ladder in a safe place

Don't leave your ladder lying around in the garden. For one thing, exposure to the elements may damage it, but more importantly, it will be easy pickings for thieves. (And they may do more than just pinch it - an opportunistic burglar might instead use the ladder to climb through a window and gain entry to your property!)

We recommend storing your ladder in a secure location like a shed or garage, preferably one with its own lock. This will make it difficult for unauthorised personnel to get their hands on your ladder.

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Invest in additional security measures

Locking your ladder in the shed when you're not using it is a good start, but there are a number of ladder security products that can make your ladder that little bit harder to steal.

Ladder locks like LadderLok (pictured below) ensure that, even if an intruder does manage to enter your shed or garage, they will struggle to remove the ladder without an additional key.

Ladder locks


Make sure your ladder is identifiable

If you rely on your ladder for work, it may be worth labelling it to deter criminals. Businesses often use asset tags to track valuable equipment - a unique label will ensure that your ladder is easy to identify if it turns up.

But wouldn't a thief just peel off any labels you put on your ladder? Don't worry; many companies produce tamper-proof stickers for exactly this purpose. Some anti-crime asset labels leave behind a permanent printed pattern when removed, while others tear into fragments so that they can't be removed cleanly. This can be useful as an additional ladder security measure.

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