Combination ladder in different configurations

If you've got a lot of different jobs to do - but you don't want to buy a lot of different ladders - then a combination ladder may be the ideal solution.

A combination ladder is a multi-use product that can be configured into a number of different shapes. For example, a 3-in-1 combination ladder might serve as a step ladder, an extension ladder, or a stairwell ladder depending on how you set it up.

Of course, the exact specifications vary from one product to the next. Here are some examples of the combination ladders we offer here at Ladders UK Direct...

Double combination ladder

Hailo Double Section Combination Ladder

This two-section ladder can be completely extended for use as an extension ladder, or set up in step ladder configuration as pictured above. You can even adjust the height to place the ladder on a staircase.

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Combination ladder with adjustable pedal

Hailo Combination Ladder with Adjustable Pedal

This product includes an adjustable pedal that can be used to adapt the ladder to uneven ground. Great for use on pavements, in stairwells, etc.

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Glass fibre combination ladder

Glass Fibre V3 Combination Ladder

This one can be used as a step ladder, extension ladder or free-standing ladder. It is insulated to 100 thousand volts, making it ideal for electrical work.

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