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23 Feb 2021

Hop-up step

Need a bit of extra height while working? A ladder isn't always the most practical solution - sometimes, it's both quicker and safer to use a hop-up work platform.

When trying to complete a task or access an item that’s just out of reach, sometimes a ladder isn’t always the best option. Hop-up steps are quick and easy to use, and give you the boost you need to get your task done quickly and efficiently.

There are a variety of different designs when it comes to hop-up steps, so no matter what the task at hand is, there’s a hop up step suited to you and your needs. Hop-up steps are undoubtedly a handy reaching tool, but how do you know which hop-up step is right for you?

Best hop-up

Our best selling hop-up

Our most popular hop-up step is the Jumbo Aluminum Hop-Up from Werner. At 0.9m long, platform gives you plenty of room to move left and right while working, making it preferable to a step ladder in situations that necessitate a lot of side-to-side movement.

  • Dimensions: 900mm x 300mm
  • Platform height: 500mm
  • Max load: 150kg
  • Folds away for easy transportation
  • Weighs just 4.7kg
  • EN131 certified for professional use

For added safety, this folding hop-up step has locking hinges and a slip-resistant platform. This product comes with a 1 year guarantee.

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Mini hop-up platform

Hopstar Mini

The Hopstar Mini Folding Work Platform is another very popular choice. This handy hop-up is available in three different sizes:

  • 870mm x 510mm
  • 1140mm x 750mm
  • 1400mm x 1000mm

Like the jumbo hop-up, this product features a non-slip platform and comes with a 1 year guarantee. When folded up, the Hopstar Mini is extremely compact, making it easy to carry and store.

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When to use a hop-up

A hop-up platform can be very handy when you just need a quick boost to get the job done. These steps are quick and easy to set up, and there's a relatively low risk of slipping or losing your balance while you're standing on a hop-up (although it's still important to be careful).

When you use a ladder, HSE guidelines state that you should maintain three points of contact with the ladder at all times - ideally both feet and at least one hand (see How to Climb a Ladder Safely). This rule doesn't apply when you're standing on a hop-up platform, so this may be the best choice if you need both hands free to work. These low level work platforms are fantastic tools for a wide range of different jobs, and can make a wide variety of tasks easier and safer.

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