can broken ladders be repaired

Do you have a broken ladder in your shed or van? Is it worth keeping hold of a broken ladder and fixing it up, or should you buy a new one? More often than not, having a ladder repaired so that it's fit for use is more costly than ordering a brand new one. Not to mention, your broken (and then repaired) ladder may no longer be compliant with the standard it was certified to, which can cause a lot of problems, especially if you're a tradesperson or construction worker! We would always recommend purchasing a new ladder rather than repairing an old one.

Who can repair my ladder?

If repairing your broken ladder is your preferred option, we would highly recommend seeking the help of a professional ladder repair company. A substandard repair that doesn't make your ladder fit for use can cause problems later down the line. Firstly, you could have a serious accident or fall from height, secondly, you could find yourself liable for any potential legal claims against you if your ladder is no longer certifiable to its original standard. If you're adamant that you'd rather try to get your ladder fixed before going out and replacing it, please make sure you use a reputable repairs company and have your ladder re-certified before using it again.

Should I just replace it?

As we've mentioned, having a ladder repaired is often more costly than simply replacing it - let's have a look at a mock scenario. You have an LFI Super Trade PLUS Triple Extension Ladder that you use every day at work, but one of the rungs has broken. You take it to a repair shop and they tell you that the damage is not only in the rung, but it's also affected the entire left-hand stile. A problem that you thought would be quite easy to fix has now become quite a hefty task. Not to mention, you'll need to have the ladder re-certified to EN131 professional standard before you can use it (and it might not even pass!)

In this scenario, you may be better off ordering a brand new ladder. They're not super expensive, it isn't much hassle and you can rest assured that the ladder you'll be using every day going forwards has the proper certification and meets the required safety standards. If we were you, we know which option we'd choose!

How long do ladders typically last?

Most ladders made by prestigious brands like LFI and Dolle come with a manufacturer guarantee between 1 and 10 years long. All of the ladders that we offer at Ladders UK Direct are built to last and tested/certified to the relevant standards. That means you can purchase our ladders with confidence, knowing that they'll last a lifetime. You should also try to purchase ladders made of strong, durable materials like aluminium, fibreglass or wood if you want them to last a long time. Keep your eyes peeled for a ladder with good build quality & proper certification, that'll help you be sure that it won't break within a matter of years. 

The way that you look after your ladders also plays an integral part in how long they'll last. If you use, store and care for your ladders in the proper way, they'll work as intended for far longer than if you slam them around, leave them out in the rain and store them improperly. You can find loads of helpful information about storing and caring for ladders on our blog.

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Choosing a like-for-like ladder

If your broken ladder is particularly old, you might not be able to find an exact replacement. But don't worry, here at Ladders UK Direct, we carry a huge range of DIY and professional ladders that are sure to fit the bill. Whether you've got a damaged step ladder or a faulty loft ladder, you'll find a reliable replacement here. Better yet, we can have your replacement ladder shipped directly to your door, so you don't need to worry about collecting one and transporting it home from the hardware store. Use the buttons below to navigate to some of our different ladders:

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