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24 Aug 2022

ladder maintenance ten top tips infographic

1. Inspect your ladder regularly 

Pay particular attention to the rungs, feet and side rails, as these parts are especially prone to damage. 


2. Secure your ladder before transporting it 

Use lashing straps or similar to stop your ladder moving around while in transit.


3. Lubricate moving parts periodically 

This will help to ensure that all of your ladder's moving parts continue to operate smoothly. 


4. Don't hang your ladder by its rungs 

Instead, store your ladder horizontally on a rack and make sure it's not at risk of falling off. 


5. Keep your ladder in a cool, dry place 

Don't leave your ladder in a place where it's exposed to rain or direct sunlight. Storing ladders (especially wooden ladders) in hot or damp places may damage them. 


6. Keep your wooden ladder protected 

We recommend using a transparent sealant to reduce the effects of weathering, as paint may make it difficult to spot cracks and defects.


7. Don't store things on your ladder

To minimise wear and tear, keep the ladder clear when not in use. 


8. Be careful when carrying your ladder

Dropping a ladder on the ground can damage it. Be sure to ask for help if you're struggling to carry it alone. 


9. Use your ladder correctly 

Using your ladder incorrectly - for example, balancing it on an unstable surface or exceeding the weight limit - can damage the ladder and may result in injury. 

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10. Never use a ladder that is damaged 

Broken steps, missing feet, even minor cracks - all of these can make a ladder unsafe for use. Don't risk it!

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No matter your project, we have a ladder that suits your needs and your safety. 

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