Ladders under £100

If you need a ladder and you're on a tight budget, you've come to the right place! We've got loads of great-value ladders available here at Ladders UK Direct, and we offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders.

Here are some of the products you can get for less than £100...

NOTE: All prices include VAT and are correct at time of writing. These ladders come in a variety of different sizes - the stated price refers to the smallest available size.


Extension Ladders Under £100

Single ladder

This heavy-duty single section ladder is available from just £74. It is suitable for professional use, and the D-shaped rungs are sturdy and comfortable to climb. The 2m and 2.5m versions of this product cost less than £100.

Double extension ladder

This double extension ladder is also suitable for professional use. The £99 version can be adjusted between 2.5 metres and 4 metres in height.

If you need an extension ladder for DIY use only, our domestic double extension ladder is even cheaper - just £94 for the 2.5m to 4.3m product.


Step Ladders Under £100

Platform ladder for less than £100

The product pictured above is our three-tread professional platform ladder, currently on sale for just £75 (inc. VAT).

You can also get a professional swingback step ladder from just £64! (Not sure of the difference between a swingback ladder and a platform ladder? Read our blog post on the subject: What is a Swingback Ladder?)

Fibreglass swingback step ladder

Finally, if you do electrical maintenance for a living, you'll be pleased to here that we also have a fibreglass swingback step ladder available for less than a hundred pounds - £90 for four treads, to be more precise. This ladder is manufactured by Werner and it's certified to EN131 Professional, so it's suitable for trade and industrial use.

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