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17 Jan 2022

Shopping for a ladder can be difficult, there are lots of different options and they all seem to do different things. Don't worry, as ladder experts, we've compiled a list to show you which ladders will be the best ladders of 2022. We've got everything from top of the range extension ladders to specialist roof ladders, so no matter what ladder you're looking for, we can help. Let's dive right in...

LFI Super-Trade PLUS Triple Extension Ladder

super trade plus triple extension ladder

In our opinion, one of the best ladders of 2022 will be our Super Trade PLUS Triple Extension Ladder. Why? Because it's been a best-seller every year so far - for good reason! It's made of sturdy, lightweight aluminium and features comfortable D-shaped rungs, this makes it one of the easiest extension ladders to work with and use.

Not only that, the Super Trade PLUS Triple Extension Ladder really is one of the strongest ladders money can buy. This means it'll last you a long time, even if you're a little rough with it while travelling from site to site. We offer these excellent extension ladders in height from 4m to 10m, so they're perfect for everyday or industrial use.

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Professional Platform Step Ladder with Handrails

professoinal platform step ladder with handrail

As far as step ladders go, the Professional Platform Step Ladders with Handrails is pretty fool-proof. It's designed for use on-site, but can also be a handy addition to your home and garden too. We love this step ladder because it's designed with safety in mind. It features a unique strengthening beam, rubber feet and double handrails, so you can confidently work in a range of challenging environments. We offer this ladder in heights of 1.21m - 3.24m. We expect this to be one of the best step ladders of 2022, so don't miss out!

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LFI Super-Trade Double Section Roof Ladder

super trade double section roof ladder

Wondering which roof ladder will be the best in 2022? We've got high expectations that it'll be this LFI Super-Trade Double Section Roof Ladder. It features heavy-duty galvanised steel hooks and durable aluminium cross bars for additional strength. This incredible roof ladder can be used on roofs with pitches between 15 and 55 degrees. So, if you've been meaning to fix a problem on the roof for some time, 2022 is the year to do it!

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So if you were wondering which ladders will be the best of 2022, we hope this gives you an insight. Here at Ladders UK Direct, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality ladders from the best suppliers on the market, so you're sure to find the best ladders of 2022 here! If you're unsure which ladder is right for you, you can always get in touch with us.

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