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There are so many different types of ladders available today, it can be hard to know which ladder is right for you. Should you be using a step ladder, or a telescopic ladder? Perhaps a swing back ladder, or even a scaffold tower?

The importance of choosing the right ladder for a job can’t be understated. The wrong ladder can make it difficult or even impossible to carry out the job at hand to completion, or worst-case scenario, the use of an improper ladder could lead to an accident.

One of the most common ladder types on the scene is the platform ladder. They’re pretty basic-looking as far as ladders go, but how will you know if they’re the right ladder for you? What are platform ladders, and what purposes are they suited for?


What is a Platform Ladder? What Are Platform Ladders Good For?

A standard platform ladder is characterised as being a self-supporting and portable ladder, with a non-adjustable length and a platform at the highest climbable point (as the name suggests).

Platform ladders are good options for people working alone. They’re secure enough to use without supervision or assistance, and they’re made to be portable and easy enough to carry by one person. Although most platform ladders aren’t suitable for more than one person to use at once, they’re still a suitable ladder option for people working in groups.

Platform ladders offer enough space for an individual to stand and work comfortably, and also enough space to keep tools and equipment with you whilst working. Platform ladders are a classic option, and they’re a versatile tool suitable for a use in a wide variety of different situations.

If all of this information has got you thinking that a platform ladder is the right equipment selection for you, why not take a look at the wide range of different platform ladders available from Ladders UK Direct today.

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