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10 Jul 2020

Ladder with high weight capacity

Under to the EN131 ladder regulations, both professional and non-professional ladders must have a weight capacity of at least 150kg. This requirement is why so many of the ladders we sell have a maximum load limit of 150kg.

However, we do sell a selection of heavy-duty ladders with a higher weight capacity. If you're looking for a ladder that can support loads heavier than 150kg, step this way...


Swingback ladder 175kg maximum weight

175kg Maximum Load

This swingback step ladder has a maximum weight capacity of 175kg (that's twenty-five kilos higher than the EN131 minimum). It's certified for professional use, and it's available in a range of sizes from 4 to 12 treads.

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Heavy duty step ladders

250kg Maximum Load

We also stock step ladders and platform ladders that can support loads up to 250kg. These heavy-duty products are ideal for trade and industrial environments where a 150kg capacity would be insufficient.

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Need any help?

If you're struggling to find a ladder that meets your requirements, please don't hesitate to contact Ladders UK Direct for assistance! We have a huge range of ladders and other height access products available, and we're always happy to help.

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